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Thursday, December 19, 2002
What? This has to be a misprint.

Scott Hamilton got married? To a woman? Seriously? I'll be damned!

Marry a millionaire...PSYCH!

I kinda like the premise of this new FOX reality show Joe Millionaire if only for the fact that they're duping these fame-seeking, gold digging women into thinking they're competeing for a multi-millionaire when he's really "only" a construction worker. Oooh, how horrid. At leaset there's the fun of exposing these tramps for what they are. That said, I don't think they took this far enough. The should have had a guy with herpes too. "Hey, not only am I not worth $50 million, you've got a cold sore starting there."

Polanski thrilled by Golden Globe nominations, fresh young meat

Director Roman Polanski was thrilled today when his new film The Pianist was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Drama. When Polanski was asked when was the last time he was this excited, he replied, "Well, there was the time I was laying some serious pipe with that 14 year old hottie."

Attack of the Clones

So, we may have our first clone in a few weeks with more to follow. The emperor will have his army in no time. We are unable to confirm the rumors that the cell donor was a bounty hunter named Jango Fett.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002
Chafee calls for Lott to resign, GOP between rock and hard place

First let me say that I think it's obvious that if the GOP is to have any credibility that they do indeed want to reach out to black voters, then Lott has to go. If he doesn't then it just reinforces the GOP as the "party of racists" with many people. Never mind the fact that such a charge is pure garbage, and that you could make just as good an argument that the Democratic Party causes more harm than good to the black community with their coddling and loving condescension. The GOP needs to make inroads with blacks, and the only way to start that long road is to remove men like Lott from leadership. It does not matter if he is truly contrite, and it does not matter if we, as voters, "forgive" him. It only matters that the GOP will still carry the race albatross around its neck, fair or not.

The GOP may be in a tough place, though, because some rumors have it that Lott may resign the Senate entirely if he loses his leadership position. That would put the split back at 50-50 (Jeffords is a Dem in all but name). That could spur Dem in Republican clothing Lincoln Chafee to jump as well, once again spurning the voice of the voters, who have put Republicans in charge the last 2 elections only to see it reversed by party jumpers.

So what do you do if you're the GOP? I think you stand on principle, remove Lott from power and hope for the best. Long term, that is more important than a 2 year window of Republican control. Who knows, maybe Lott decides he doesn't want to be the biggest pariah in Republican history and stays in the Senate. Or maybe Chafee doesn't jump the party and is assuaged by the positive shift in the party that a Lott removal would signal.

Strep Throat Sucks

In case you didn't already know that. First time I've had it since middle school. Argh!

Hello Cleveland! Hello Cleveland!

The National Film Registry has selected 1984 "rockumentary" This Is Spinal Tap as one of the films it will preserve for all time. Kind of harkens Derek Small's words about how they "preserve the moose" at the museum. How does it feel to be a preserved moose up on stage?

For those who didn't already know or figure it out, the title of this blog and the quote in the upper left corner are tributes to my my favorite film of all time, Spinal Tap.