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Tuesday, December 24, 2002
Win Ben Stein's Vote

Ben Stein speaks on how to destroy America. A good read.

Flying reindeer allowed over New Jersey

I'm glad they came to their senses. I was pretty outraged when the Governor of New Jersey announced last week that they would shoot down any flying reindeer that broached state airspace.

Yankees sign Contreras, their 40th starting pitcher

With any luck, when he shows up they'll find out he's 41 and not 31. Now if only the Yankees could sign 6 more shortstops, they'd be all set.

What, no McSushi?

Maybe McDonald's should just go for the gusto and try a McLard Sandwich.

The absurdity of the argument that all GOP'ers are racists

Bob Herbert of the NY Times goes to great pains to try to show that the GOP is a party full of racists. After all, you had Trent Lott exposed. But the GOP is silent on some of it's other "closet racists" like George Allen, who has a Confederate Flag nailed to his family room wall.

Wow, what a compelling argument. Look, I'm no defender of the Confederate flag. I live in Georgia and I was damn glad Gov. Roy Barnes engineered a crafty swtich of the state flag and dearly hope the issue is not revived. Like it or not Sons of the South, the flag represents the legacy of slavery, no matter how hard you try to deny it or work around it.

That said, are we to believe that just because the GOP has some southern white males in the Senate that they are then all racists? Is John McCain racist? Lincoln Chafee? Denny Hastert? Bush? Gov. John Rowland of Connecticut? I could go on and on. What I want to know is what, specifically, does the Republican party stand for that is anathema to blacks? The opposition to affirmative action? A very compelling argument can be made (and has been made) that affirmative action is counter-productive to blacks and is, in fact, the more racist system. Might the Republicans actually have a better plan to uplift minorities through more school choice, school accountability and no ties to the National Education Association teachers' union? This isn't a "yes" or "no" answer, it is open to debate. We do know that blacks overwhelmingly support school vouchers.

And do I hear Mr. Herbert denouncing the racists in his party of choice, the Democratic Party? Sen. Robert Byrd is appearing as a Confederate General in a movie and has used the "n" word very recently. Where's the outrage?

Bottom line, when I hear people dismiss the GOP has a bunch of racists, I dismiss them as mindless sheep incapable of thinking for themselves or seeing the two parties as flawed representatives of their respective political philosophies. Judge the candidates on an individual basis. Don't judge the party. Otherwise, it's easy to flush both parties and vote for Lyndon La Rouche every 4 years.

Monday, December 23, 2002
How dry I am

OK, so the well has been a bit dry this past week or so. The main problem is I don't have time to wipe my nose lately, much less come up with any coherent, mildly amusing thoughts for this blog. I love the holidays! I know, bitch, bitch, my life isn't much different from many others, true. Pile on the job, my wife's job, 2 kids 3 and under, a wicked case of strep throat and a viral infection to boot, and family flying in this week, and I'm lucky I have time to take a piss, I suppose (how's that for a run-on sentence? Ha!) Still, I just downloaded a truckload of Simpsons material and am listening to Break on Through by the Doors while I sit and relax for a change. Too bad relaxing hasn't made me think of anything funny. Oh well. Happy Holidays everyone. I sincerely doubt I'll post much over the next week, but you never know.

Jukebox Hero

Is there anything better than loading all your songs into your computer and then putting MusicMatch Jukebox on shuffle? 1,400 songs and counting.