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Friday, January 17, 2003
LOL, looney alert, looney alert

Wow, you want a good laugh at the expense of a left wing, parnaoid conspiracy theory toting, double blind partisan goofball, get a load of this website! I have nothing against Democrats mind you. Reasonable, center-left Dems. I'm more of a center-right kind of guy, but I can agree with center-left pols on any number of issues. Guys like this just make me laugh. What a total wing-nut.

p.s Guys on the far right like him are no better.

Great moments in Googleing

Thank you, thank you. I've just discovered that someone visited my page after searching for a "pubic hair trimmer". I can't say I've ever been prouder than I am at this moment. So many people to thank, so little time.

Oscars don't always reflect taste of Joe Six Pack

Well, to steal from James Tarranto, "You Don't Say". The people who actually work and live in the film industry just might have different, or dare I say, higher standards than your average movie-going shlub. We live in a society that buys millions of N'Sync CD's and millions of Olsen Twins merchandise. Joe Six Pack probably thinks XXX or The Fast and the Furious deserve awards. Vote in the People's Choice awards and ignore the Oscars if you're that concerned. I don't always agree with the Academy (frankly. I don't really care that much anyway) but I'd take a recommendation from them over most average Joes.

Sesame Street- Big Bird is getting LAZY!

OK, anyone out there with young'uns like me (I have a 3 year old daughter and 21 month old son) probably lets their kids watch Sesame Street. I know there are a lot of holier than thou parents out there who don't let their kids watch any TV, and that's fine if it works for you, but I was raised watching Sesame Street and I came out just fine, so i don't see the harm. Moderation is the key to everything.

Anyhow, I can't say I'm too pleased with their changes over the last, oh, 21 years since I, or my younger siblings, watched regularly. And I'm not talking about Elmo. He doesn't really bother me much. It's the new characters for starters. Baby Bear, Rosita, Telly, are all pretty boring and unremarkable characters. Meanwhile, they've phased out Kermit (as a reporter) and a lot of the older characters appear much less frequently or only in older clips. Where's the guy who slams his head into the piano??!! Where's Guy Smiley!!?? Why can everyone see Snuffleupagus now? Why does Maria still look hot after almost 30 years? OK, that's not a problem.

But what really disappoints me is the"Journey to Ernie" segment. It's on every show, and it's the same thing almost every show. They rotate Big Bird in about 6 different set scenes and play 3 every day. The same taped scenes. They never change. Imagine how aggravating that gets seeing it over and over and over and over again. It's a way to fill 10 minutes of show time without producing any new material. It's a HUGE copout. Get with it CTN!!!

Bubba 101

They're now teaching the first ever college class devoted to the Clinton Presidency at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock. The first quiz given to students required them to match the Clinton mistress with the sexual scandal.

OK, ok, cheap shot. Too easy. I'm not apologizing.

More First Blood

He managed to resist Rambo in Yugoslavia in the 90's, but he couldn't resist sending Rambo in after Osama. Sly is making another Rambo movie, this one in Afghanistan. Nothing like reinforcing those Western stereotypes with a little mindless mayhem. What cracks me up about the script Sly wrote is this tidbit:
A movie insider said: “The original story had Rambo killing bin Laden single-handed, but even Sly thought that was beyond the imagination.
“Instead he will be the brains behind bin Laden’s downfall.”

The brains behind the operation? Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Look Sly, you're already way, way over the top, just go for the gusto. Have Rambo tear Osama's heart out while he's still alive and then feed it to pigs before he dies. We want the money shot!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2003
Big Announcement

J'aime la glace.

Sunday, January 12, 2003
Gray Davis, citizen, Governor, idiot

Jane Galt makes short work of the California's intellectually feeble governor and his suggestion that government programs and support of boondoggles like Amtrak and other makework projects are a better economic stimulus than Bush's tax cut plans. The Governor's recipe for "success" seems to be to gorge your state on volitale and unreliable sources of revenue like capital gains revenue(bye bye stock market=bye bye revenue), cripple your state by imposing price caps for utility consumers but not the wholesale prices for the utility companies that supply the power. That way when energy prices go up and the cost to produce energy goes up, the utility companies are literally forced to provide power at a loss. Enron, or no Enron, this was a formula for disaster and only a complete moron couldn't figure it out. Hello Gov. Davis. Now his solution is to raise taxes (yup, that will sure help economic growth) and...provide public works projects???? Good luck California. I'd have sympathy, but you re-elected this loser.

Terrorist orders "Extra Crispy", ends up being foiled

I guess working at an American fast food restaurant in Pakistan is akin to being a cashier at a convenience store here in the U.S. Lots of danger for little pay.

Stayin' Alive No More-Maurice Gibb Dies

Gibb reached stardom with his brothers and bandmates by singing like a girl and wearing really bad clothes. Maurice was "the quiet" Bee Gee. I didn't realize there was a vocal Bee Gee. Still, as much as I poke fun at the Bee Gees, if you ever heard them sing "Too Much Heaven" in their normal (read: not falsetto) singing voices, they actually had some real talent there.